Automotive Steering Pumps

A power steering pump provides the required hydraulic pressure to steer your vehicle with minimal effort on the steering wheel. The power steering pump is driven by the engine’s crankshaft via a belt-pulley. The pump is usually located in the front of the engine, opposite to the alternator or AC compressor. The steering pump compresses the hydraulic fluid at a rate directly proportional to the speed of the engine.

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Automotive Pump Options from Hydra-Steer

  • New OEM
  • Remanufactured
  • Quality Gear Super Pump
  • Custom repair of most applications
  • Seal kits, shafts, rotor assemblies

Hydra-Steer offers several brands of steering pumps, including TRW, Saginaw, ZF, Bosch, Delphi and Borgeson.

Automotive Steering Pump
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ZF Automotive Steering Pump
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