The steering shaft and the steering wheel are generally connected to the steering gear which is mounted to your steering system. The rotational movement of the steering wheel, and the input shaft of the steering gear convert linear movement of the steering linkage, which allows the road wheels to move from side to side.

 At Hydra Steer we can provide you with a quality Borgeson custom steering shaft for a variety of vehicles including:

  • 1979 – 93 Dodge
  • 1979 -93 Mustangs
  • 1994 - 98 Chevy
  • 1987 - 95 Jeep Wrangler
  • Full size Ford Trucks
  • 1972 - 86 Jeep CJ 

At  Hydra Steer we also offer parts for your steering shaft including:

  • U Joints
  • Telecopic Shafts
  • Rag Joint