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Steering Valves

Hydrostatic steering units come in a variety of series to meet the requirements of all your light, medium and heavy duty applications.

HGF Series

The HGF Series is designed for light duty applications such as lawn and garden equipment, small agricultural equipment, small off-highway vehicles and some industrial material handling equipment.

HGA/HGB Series

Applications such as large agricultural equipment including tractors, combines and other self-propelled, specialized harvesting equipment use the HGA and HGB series. In addition, these units are frequently specified for many medium-to-heavy duty applications such as logging and construction equipment as well as marine and mining applications.

Steering Pumps

All power steering pumps are remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Units are dyno-tested for optimal flow and pressure requirements at high and low temperatures.

Some common Saginaw pumps used in grain trucks that we carry are:

  • Chevrolet/GM – 7840124 – Power Steering Pump
  • Chevrolet/GM – 7847871 – Power Steering Pump
  • IHC – 488787C91 – Power Steering Pump

Steering Motors

Hydra-Steer stocks and services a wide range of steering motors for multiple different applications.


Char-Lynn low speed, high torque generator motors with the Geroler element provide starting and running torque. The Geroler element minimizes friction and thereby increases efficiency while providing smooth output shaft rotation even at very lows speeds.

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